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Device converts digital audio signals into analog output with high precision

ISO14001 ISO9001 DUNS

ブランド: Burr Brown

製造元部品 #: PCM69AP

データシート: PCM69AP データシート (PDF)

パッケージ/ケース: 16-DIP

製品の種類: ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose

RoHS ステータス:

在庫状況: 8,666 個、新しいオリジナル

Warranty: 1 Year Ovaga Warranty - Find Out More


RFQを提出してください PCM69AP またはメールでご連絡ください: メール: [email protected], 12時間以内にご連絡させていただきます。

PCM69AP 概要

In the world of audio technology, the PCM69AP stands as a testament to precision and quality. With its advanced features and exceptional performance metrics, this DAC is a must-have for audio professionals seeking top-notch audio conversion capabilities. From its remarkable dynamic range to its wide operating temperature range, the PCM69AP combines innovation with reliability to meet the demands of modern audio systems


パラメータ 価値 パラメータ 価値
Package Tube Product Status Obsolete
Type DAC, Audio Number of Channels 2
Resolution (Bits) 18 b Data Interface PCM
Voltage Supply Source Analog and Digital Voltage - Supply 5V
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 85°C Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case 16-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm) Supplier Device Package 16-PDIP
Base Product Number PCM69


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  • The PCM69AP chip is a 20-bit audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC) produced by Texas Instruments. It features a multibit delta-sigma architecture and is commonly used in high-end audio equipment to convert digital audio signals into analog audio output with high resolution and low distortion. The chip supports various audio formats and has built-in features for digital audio processing and filtering.
  • Equivalent

    The equivalent products of PCM69AP chip are PCM1796, PCM1798, and PCM1792A. These are similar digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that provide high-quality audio performance and are commonly used in audio equipment and systems.
  • Features

    The PCM69AP is a 18-bit stereo digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with features such as low noise, low distortion, and high dynamic range. It offers a flexible interface including serial input and current output, making it suitable for professional audio applications.
  • Pinout

    The PCM69AP is a 20-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with a parallel interface. It has 28 pins and is commonly used in audio applications for its high precision and low distortion. The pin functions include power supply, ground, data inputs, control inputs, and analog output.
  • Manufacturer

    The PCM69AP is manufactured by Burr-Brown, which is a subsidiary of Texas Instruments. Burr-Brown is a leading manufacturer of analog and digital signal processing components, and specializes in designing and producing high-performance integrated circuits for audio and video applications.
  • Application Field

    The PCM69AP is a 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with integrated analog output amplifiers. It is commonly used in professional audio equipment such as digital mixing consoles, effects processors, and digital audio workstations. It provides high-quality audio performance for applications requiring high-resolution, high-fidelity analog signal conversion.
  • Package

    The PCM69AP chip comes in a 28-pin plastic dual in-line package (PDIP). It is made in the form of a rectangular integrated circuit (IC) chip. The dimensions of the PDIP package are typically 0.3 x 0.6 x 0.1 inches, making it a compact and standardized size for easy integration into electronic devices.


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